Friday, September 10, 2010

An unexpected treat

Myers Flat, CA

Earlier, in Prairie Creek we had seen signs for a "drive through tree". I have always wanted to do that, so I kept an eye out for the spot, which was along the Avenue of Giants. We found it near the end of the 30 mile stretch, a little spot called Myers Flat. The place was privately owned by an enterprising person who was capitalizing on the tourists going through. It was 6 pm in the evening and they had left for the evening, but a sign at the entrance said we could still go through for $6 a car. We had tens and twenties but no fives or ones, so we went to the business next door to make change.

Upon entering The Groves, we were enchanted by the simple, elegant d├ęcor. It was a small winery with a restaurant attached. And not just any restaurant! This one had an elegant menu and wait staff, hand blown glass chandeliers and the heavenly smell of freshly baked bread. We decided to splurge and have our fancy dinner to commemorate our 5 years of marriage a few days early at The Groves. What a nice surprise! We had been traveling all day, eaten mostly granola bars and fruit, and were a bit grimy from camping for two nights in a row. It was so nice to sit down in a relaxing atmosphere and be served fresh, hot, wholesome food. We got a hand tossed pizza (fabulous) salad and tea. After our lovely dinner there was still enough daylight to go next door to drive through the tree. Of course, as you might have suspected, we couldn’t actually drive through it. It was a dead Redwood held up and together by cables and it did not look very safe to walk under, let alone drive a rental car through. But we explored the little homemade park anyway. Not sure if we got our $6 worth, but for us the special event was eating at the little winery next door. God loves to surprise his children with good gifts! The story continues...

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