Friday, September 10, 2010

The Redwoods

Crescent City CA to Prairie Creek CA

We crossed the California border with no apparent change to the environment, still misty and green. After grabbing groceries in Crescent City, we continued to the national parks to find a place to camp. We decided to get an hour further south to Prairie Creek National Park then camp. And so we entered Redwood country. Immediately, the pine trees, which had been our ever present companions since Seattle, stretched taller, as if increased growth was in the water (it might have been) then we began to see Redwoods. It was incredible to drive beside these giants, something I never got used to. The little two lane 101 wound through the clearings and valleys, under avenues lined with mossy maples, (here growing larger than their eastern cousins) and past small houses and stores pedaling sculptures made of reclaimed Redwood.

We somehow passed the state park and had to stop in the tiny town of Orick, which was really just a row of houses, a restaurant and a gas station. I helped a woman jump her battery while Josh got directions and dinner, then we were heading back to the park. On the way we passed Elk feeding in a meadow. We pulled over with the other tourists to watch. That night we camped between two Redwoods, amazing!

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