Friday, September 10, 2010

Dogs and breakers

Portland, Oregon

Much higher in elevation then Seattle, Portland has traditionally been used as the entrance to Vancouver and the Oregon mainland. It is still an active port. There were ships, industrial buildings,and factories older then the industrial section of Seattle. When we got into downtown there was a difference in the architecture also. We saw older brick buildings, built during a time when Portland was the gateway to the West from the East.

The highway (or freeway as Californians call it) brought us along the river. We crossed a draw bridge to get into downtown and I spotted a Ferris wheel on the bank of the river. We parked and joined the throng of people enjoying the Saturday Street Fair. That’s part of the fun of road trips right? You happen upon wonderful glimpses of life in that part of the world. There were tons of people! So many artisans and crafters, neat healthy goodies, and creative clothing. So many dogs too! We had fun watching the dogs meet each other. We wondered what C├ęsar Milan would say to an owner whose dog was not “calm submissive”? After a few hours in Portland we were on the road again.

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