Friday, September 10, 2010

Trees of Orange County

The next day Josh’s dad Danny took me on a private tour of the trees of Orange County. First on the list were Canyon Live Oaks. I had forgotten to charge the camera batteries so I missed the opportunity to take photos of these gnarly trees, but enjoyed seeing them. We visited two huge Moreton figs, both planted in the 1880’s. The Moreton fig at the Santa Barbara train station officially tops these two, however they were equally impressive. One was in front of a Catholic church and spread over the six lane street. The other stretched taller than the others. It grew on a side road in a neighborhood. The house it grew in front of had recently been torn down to make a park for the tree.

The remaining trees on my list were the Orange tree and palm tree. And after all the eucalyptus trees we had seen I still didn’t have good photos of one. We visited a small park, but we had to pay to go into so we just walked around the entrance then left. There was an orange grove there and some beautiful California sycamores. Danny took me to the circle in old town Orange where I photographed the orange and palms. In another park we saw some crazy twisting trees with no leaves. Their white mottled bark gleamed weirdly in the sun. I didn’t recognize these as sycamores until Josh categorized them as such. California sycamores are more angular then their Eastern counterparts. These must have been susceptible to a canker that causes some of them to lose their leaves.

The journey's end...

O.C. tree slide show

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