Friday, September 10, 2010

A journey's end

Flying back to Ohio I reflected that a week ago I just beginning our 2,000 mile journey. Not only did we cover a lot of ground, but we also saw some amazing sights; the daily glimpse of the Cascade mountains in Seattle; the misty pine covered hills of Oregon where fog blotted out the border between land, sky and ocean; moss covered maples overhanging our road; gigantic trees dwarfing all who aspire to stand beside them; waves crashing on sheer cliffs; sea lions, elephant seals, ground squirrels and elk.. I saw firsthand how the abundance or lack of water, sun and wind can shape an environment, and I saw firsthand the amazing creativity of our Creator in the variety of organisms that make a home in every environment.

When I returned to Ohio I had a mountain of work to do; finishing drawings then printing each of my nine drawings 25 times. (That's 225+ prints all by hand!) I compiled the prints in a hanging installation for the Cultivating Growth show. The prints were hung in descending order from North to South. Thank you to all those who believed in me and pre-bought prints of the trees without seeing them. I hope you enjoy them even more knowing a little bit about them.

This trip encouraged me to pursue my creative goals. I gained confidence in my work and am currently applying to graduate school to get a Masters in Art. I am looking forward to many more road trips of this kind all over the US and eventually internationally!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our journey and most of all I hope you are encouraged to go have an adventure of your own! Thanks for reading :)

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