Friday, September 10, 2010

Misty Oregon

Bandon, OR, Gold Beach, OR

After exploring the beach we made our way out into the wet green expanse that is southern Oregon. It was here we picked up the 101, which was to be our guide for the next 500 miles to San Francisco. That day we turned the three and a half hour drive into 6 hours because we stopped so often to enjoy the view. I was in heaven among all the atmosphere. I loved the mist covering everything in mystery and intensifying the colors around us.

Once as we were crossing a bridge I spotted a sunken boat. We pulled into the small gathering of shops nearby for a closer look. In a nearby meadow was a gigantic stand of pine trees, Scots Pine I believe. The trunks were enormous, growing together, and the branches stretched like fingers in every direction. This was a prelude to the mammoth trees we would see later that day. While photographing the tree, we heard what sounded like seals, and sure enough, at the neighboring dock we saw a family of seals! There was a baby, but we were too far away to get a good glimpse. After watching the seals for a short time, we wondered over to see the sunken boat. It was a boat damaged during the process of building the adjacent bridge, then left as a monument.

The story continues...

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  1. How incredible!!!
    Deborah, This is so beautiful. It reflects the magnificent
    handiwork of God! Yet, your sensitive spirit and nature shines right through to touch me as I read and look with amazement at the photos but also the drawings...the trees. Your descriptions were observant and real. I'd look at the tree and read the description and smile thinking,"Oh yes, right on Deborah."
    Then,the human factor of different locations kept me intrigued to continue to look and read. I like to see your humor peek out at me occasionally.
    Thanks for sharing this small portion of your life.
    I want to buy a print.
    Faith and Joy, LindaT