Friday, July 2, 2010

Tree Prints

(Above photo of complete set side by side scale difference)

Sets of 25 hand pulled limited edition silk screen colored prints for sale. $45 or $75 per print unless you pre-order a print to support the journey, or purchase the whole set for a discounted price of $350. For those of you who pre-ordered a print please select your favorite and leave a comment at I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy my trees.

Big Leaf Maple, University of Washington Campus, Seattle

Color Emerald Green
Size 11" w x 15" h

Pacific Madrone, Federal Way, Washington

Color Magenta
Size 11" w x 15" h

European White Birch, Portland Oregon

Color Gray Purple
Size 15" w x 20" h

Scots Pine, Bandon Oregon
Color Dark Blue
Size 15" w x 11" h

Pacific Redwood, Prairie Creek State Park, California

Color Maroon
Size 15" w x 11" h

California Live Oak, north of San Francisco
Color Turquoise
Size 15" w x 15" h

Monterey Pine, Monterey California

Color Pea Green
Size 11" w x 15" h

Orange Tree, Orange California
Color Orange
Size 15" w x 22" h

Palm Trees, Orange County California

Color Red Coral
Size 11" w x 15" h

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