Friday, September 10, 2010

Big trees and little chipmunks

Prairie Creek State Park, CA

So what was it like camping between two redwoods? Well, first of all, we weren’t the only ones. We were at a camp ground, each site tucked among the trees, but the wonder and grandeur of the trees were not diminished by the noises of the other campers. All I could think about was the immense root system I was calmly sleeping on top of. It was incredible to wake up to what I thought was a drizzle, but was actually droplets that had collected on the scales above us and were now showering us in our own private rainfall. It was incredible to look up and up and up with no end in sight. Josh made friends with the local birds and chipmunks, who had grown accustomed to scavenging after campers. I am not sure how many oatmeal granola bars we shared with them that morning, but they kept coming back for more!

The abundance of water causes life to thrive in that environment. Ferns cover the forest floor, moss dripped from undergrowth and fallen trees are blanketed by new life in the form of ferns or moss. Lilies and other flowers grow in the meadow where elk graze.

The lushness of the landscape is as powerful as the trees that flourish there. An almost holy hush fills the air, a palpable quietness like what is found in a great sanctuary. The lush life bursting from every nook and cranny tell of a life force much larger and deeper and with more purpose than anything we can manufacture. It was altogether different from the vast loneliness of the dunes experienced the previous day, but the redwoods left me with the same sense of wonder and grandeur.Each tell of a Creator whose power and wildness are displayed in His creation.The story continues...

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