Friday, September 10, 2010


San Luis Obispo

An hour later we fully rejoined the busy pace of life in Central California. Our little two lane CA-1 met up with the 101 at San Luis Obispo and became a freeway whizzing past the yellow hills. I wanted to observe the by now scanty population of native trees so Josh sniffed out a small botanical garden. I happily identified some of the trees I’d been seeing while Josh photographed the flowers and played tag with some resident quail.

South of San Luis Obispo, farmers took advantage of the year round growing season and irrigated large stretches of valley. Dividers to break the wind stretched between the fields. We passed through dusty towns looking very similar to towns in Baja Mexico. Eucalyptuses grew wild here. Each one unique, their leaves clustered like balls on the ends of their branches. Palms dotted larger towns and landscaped entrances. The golden hills rolled on with us to Santa Barbara and the ocean.

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