Friday, September 10, 2010

Golden Sunsets

Big Sur, CA

We left the congestion and traffic of Central California and got on Highway 1, which would take us south along the coast through the Big Sur all the way to Santa Barbara. The two lane road clung to the side of huge hills, often cutting into them. Sturdy pines grew on the sides of the hills where the wind had not scoured clean of all but course grass. Below us to the left was the sea, cold and breaking with fury on the rocks. There was no beach here, just the bottom of the hills plunging into the sea. Golden sunlight shone strongly on the red hills. We pulled over at just about every overlook to take pictures of the amazing sunset that was accompanying us. But it was almost impossible to take good photos because it was so windy! We drove about half an hour along the coast then the road turned inland into the state parks. It was almost dark by now so Josh got us a room in the first motel we came to. I had been up for camping, but the wind was cold and it was already dark. The next day was our anniversary and Josh didn’t want me to be uncomfortable on our anniversary. He is the best husband in the world! The story continues...

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